Introduction pages, Notulae Scientia Biologicae 15(3), 2023




Notulae Scientia Biologicae, Issue 3, Volume 15, 2023


Notulae Scientia Biologicae (, Issue 3, Volume 15, 2023: The papers published in this issue represent interesting novelties in different topics of life science. Among the exciting research or reviews, we invite readers to find news about: Acute oral toxicity of Cannabis sativa L. co-products in mice; Modulation of antioxidant activities, markers of hepatic and renal dysfunctions in alloxan-induced diabetic rats by Combretum dolichopetalum; Phytochemical screening, total phenolic content and antioxidant activities of Marrubium vulgare L. collected in three development stages; Comparison of different drying methods for phytochemical quality of stevia (Stevia rebaudiana Bert.); Evaluation of reproduction biology of Prunus cerasoides; Edible mushrooms – perspectives and considerations; Production of an important antidiabetic compound mangiferin through elicitation in Salacia chinensis under in vivo condition; Analysis of the antibacterial potentials of the leaf extracts of selected medicinal plants against pathogenic bacterial strains; Phytochemical fingerprinting and evaluation of in silico anti-thrombotic properties of Justicia adhatoda L. and Cordia dichotoma Frost.; Extraction of nutrients from Rumex vesicarius, a wild indigenous edible plant from United Arab Emirates; Effects of pre-harvest chitosan application on growth parameters and total phenolic - antioxidant contents of bitter gourd (Momordica charantia L.).


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Notulae Scientia Biologicae, Issue 3, Volume 15, 2023



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SESTRAS, R. E. (2023). Introduction pages, Notulae Scientia Biologicae 15(3), 2023. Notulae Scientia Biologicae, 15(3), 11732.



DOI: 10.55779/nsb15311732

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