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Editorials published in the journal are usually presented as ‘Introduction pages’ of the current issue from the editors. Peer-reviewed editorials can be authored by possible contributors addressing different opinions, considerations, and perspectives on an issue of specific interest; critical review of some presented ideas or proposals for future studies; thorough coverage of pre-existing topics, etc.

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Review Articles

Review Articles provide a comprehensive summary of research and a perspective on a certain topic of the journal. Usually, are written by recognized scientists in a particular discipline after an invitation from the editors of the journal. Except for standard reviews on specific subjects, can be published ‘short reviews’ based on a topic considered by the interest of the authors (generally invited by the editors, or accepted subjects proposed by the authors in a pre-submission enquiry letter).

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Research Articles

Research Articles is a generic term for a full-length paper that can be named also ‘Original Article’ and are detailed studies reporting original research conducted by the author(s). This is the most common type of journal manuscript used to publish full reports of original finding data from research. It is structured in the order: Title, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, and References.

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Notes are shorter versions of ‘Original Articles’, whose methods, discussion of the results, and findings are not so detailed as to be presented as full-length papers. They contain original findings but are generally much more straightforward and are considered similar to short articles, short reports, or brief communications. Depending on the manuscripts’ peculiarities, they can be published also as ‘Short Original Articles’.

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Letters can include short original findings, case studies, or considerations of the authors in the topics of the journal (e.g. as ‘letter to the editor’), which involve either opinion pieces or snippets of contradictory or supporting research. Like other types of articles (‘Review Articles’, ‘Original Articles’, ‘Notes’), these types of letters are subject to peer review.

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