Identification and transcriptome analysis of the R2R3-MYB gene family in Haloxylon ammodendron


  • Guohui ZHOU Xinjiang Agricultural University, College of Life Sciences, Xinjiang Key Laboratory for Ecological Adaptation and Evolution of Extreme Environment Biology, Urumqi, Xinjiang (CN)
  • Yanping REN Xinjiang Agricultural University, College of Life Sciences, Xinjiang Key Laboratory for Ecological Adaptation and Evolution of Extreme Environment Biology, Urumqi, Xinjiang (CN)
  • Li MA Xinjiang Agricultural University, College of Life Sciences, Xinjiang Key Laboratory for Ecological Adaptation and Evolution of Extreme Environment Biology, Urumqi, Xinjiang (CN)
  • Cong CHENG Xinjiang Agricultural University, College of Life Sciences, Xinjiang Key Laboratory for Ecological Adaptation and Evolution of Extreme Environment Biology, Urumqi, Xinjiang (CN)
  • Bo WANG Xinjiang Agricultural University, College of Life Sciences, Xinjiang Key Laboratory for Ecological Adaptation and Evolution of Extreme Environment Biology, Urumqi, Xinjiang (CN)
  • Zhengpei YAO Xinjiang Agricultural University, College of Life Sciences, Xinjiang Key Laboratory for Ecological Adaptation and Evolution of Extreme Environment Biology, Urumqi, Xinjiang (CN)
  • Shanshan LI Adsen Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Urumqi, Xinjiang (CN)
  • Meini TAO Adsen Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Urumqi, Xinjiang (CN)
  • Yue ZHAO Adsen Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Urumqi, Xinjiang (CN)
  • Zhiqiang LI Adsen Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Urumqi, Xinjiang (CN)
  • Hua ZHANG Xinjiang Agricultural University, College of Life Sciences, Xinjiang Key Laboratory for Ecological Adaptation and Evolution of Extreme Environment Biology, Urumqi, Xinjiang (CN)



Haloxylon ammodendron, R2R3-MYB family, plant stress resistance, RNA-seq, bioinformation


The MYB transcription factor family is widespread in plants and plays an important role in plant growth and development as well as in plant responses to stress. The MYB transcription factor family has been identified in a variety of organisms; however, it has not been identified and analysed in the desert plant Haloxylon ammodendron. In this study, R2R3-MYB genes were identified and analysed using a bioinformatic approach. A total of 78 R2R3-MYB genes were identified and named according to their position on the chromosome. The R2R3-MYB genes were unevenly distributed on nine chromosomes. Phylogenetic analysis showed that the HaMYB genes were all divided into 31 subfamilies. Covariance analysis revealed the presence of three pairs of fragmentary duplicated genes in H. ammodendron (HaMYB54 and HaMYB17, HaMYB44 and HaMYB36, HaMYB42 and HaMYB27). Gene structure and conserved structural domain analysis revealed different subgroups with different orders of magnitude of variation in gene structures and conserved structural domains. Analysis of cis-elements showed that the cis-acting elements of HaMYBs were mainly associated with hormone and abiotic stress responses. Real-time quantitative PCR was used to detect the expression levels of HaR2R3-MYB genes, and six HaR2R3-MYB genes were found to respond to salt stress and six HaR2R3-MYB genes to drought stress, with HaMYB22 and HaMYB27 showing upregulated expression under both stresses. Transcriptome analysis showed that HaMYB63 was significantly differentially expressed in the assimilated branches of H. ammodendron, and the subcellular localization of this protein showed that it was located in the nucleus and had transcriptional self-activating activity. These results provide a theoretical basis for further studies on the functions of the R2R3-MYB gene family and the molecular mechanisms of resistance in H. ammodendron.


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