Sauron Apple Cultivar

Radu SESTRAS, Adriana SESTRAS, Eugenia HARSAN, Adrian BARBOS


The new apple cultivar Sauron was obtained at Fruit Research Station Cluj, Romania (FRS Cluj), and homologated in 2007. Sauron was identified in open pollinated population of Cluj 3/83 selection [Cluj III-VI-5-26 selection (Parmain dOr, open pollinated) x NJ 46]. The trees have moderate vigour, upright then spread, with moderate productivity. Fruits are medium to large, usually red, with a portion being greenish or yellow-green and purple red vertically striped. The fruit has good quality, being soft eating apple due to their lack of crispness. Quality indices include firmness, crispness and excellent flavour. Fruits become ripe between 15 August and 5 September and the fruits are good quality, being proper for dessert and industrialization (juice, applesauce, pies, and cider).

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