Quantitative Genetic Analysis for Yield and Yield Components in Boro Rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Supriyo CHAKRABORTY, Pradip K. DAS, Biswajit GUHA, Kalyan K. SARMAH, Bhubaneswar BARMAN


Twenty-nine genotypes of boro rice (Oryza sativa L.) were grown in a randomized block design with three replications in plots of 4m x 1m with a crop geometry of 20 cm x 20 cm between November-April, in Regional Agricultural Research Station, Nagaon, India. Quantitative data were collected on five randomly selected plants of each genotype per replication for yield/plant, and six other yield components, namely plant height, panicles/plant, panicle length, effective grains/panicle, 100 grain weight and harvest index. Mean values of the characters for each genotype were used for analysis of variance and covariance to obtain information on genotypic and phenotypic correlation along with coheritability between two characters. Path analyses were carried out to estimate the direct and indirect effects of boro rices yield components. The objective of the study was to identify the characters that mostly influence the yield for increasing boro rice productivity through breeding program. Correlation analysis revealed significant positive genotypic correlation of yield/plant with plant height (0.21), panicles/plant (0.53), panicle length (0.53), effective grains/panicle (0.57) and harvest index (0.86). Path analysis based on genotypic correlation coefficients elucidated high positive direct effect of harvest index (0.8631), panicle length (0.2560) and 100 grain weight (0.1632) on yield/plant with a residual effect of 0.33. Plant height and panicles/plant recorded high positive indirect effect on yield/plant via harvest index whereas effective grains/panicle on yield/plant via harvest index and panicle length. Results of the present study suggested that five component characters, namely harvest index, effective grains/plant, panicle length, panicles/plant and plant height influenced the yield of boro rice. A genotype with higher magnitude of these component characters could be either selected from the existing genotypes or evolved by breeding program for genetic improvement of yield in boro rice.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/nsb213570


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