Effect of calcium nitrate treatment on reduction of berry shattering in ‘Cheongsoo’ grape cultivars

  • Young-Sik PARK Gangwondo Agricultural Research and Extension Services, Horticulture Crops Research Unit, Chuncheon 24226 (KR)
  • Je-Chang LEE Gangwondo Agricultural Research and Extension Services, Horticulture Crops Research Unit, Chuncheon 24226 (KR)
  • Joo-Hyun KIM Gangwondo Agricultural Research and Extension Services, Horticulture Crops Research Unit, Chuncheon 24226 (KR)
  • Haet-Nim JEONG Gangwondo Agricultural Research and Extension Services, Horticulture Crops Research Unit, Chuncheon 24226 (KR)
  • Jae-Yun HEO Gangneung-Wonju National University, Department of Plant Science, Gangneung 25457 (KR)
Keywords: abscission, ‘Cheongsoo grape’, detachment force, fruit characteristics, tensile strength


This study was conducted to examine the effect of calcium nitrate (CaNO3) on berry shattering in and the fruit characteristics of the ‘Cheongsoo’ grape cultivar. The rate of berry shattering was reduced regardless of CaNO3 concentration when the detachment force of the abscission zone at the stalk-berry junction increased. When 0.8% CaNO3 was treated, the berry shattering rate decreased by approximately 40% compared to the control; this was the lowest value. Furthermore, fruit quality declined and side effects were not observed following the CaNO3 treatment although fruit firmness also increased by 57% compared to the control. These results indicate that treatment with CaNO3 can contribute to stable production of ‘Cheongsoo’ grapes.


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