Structure and histochemistry of sorghum caryopsis in relation to grain-filling


  • S. RAVI SHANKAR Madras Christian College (Autonomous), Department of Botany, Chennai, 600 059 (IN)
  • P. DAYANANDAN Madras Christian College (Autonomous), Department of Botany, Chennai, 600 059 (IN)



cereal anatomy; grain-filling; histochemistry; microscopy; sorghum caryopsis


Anatomical and histochemical studies of ovary and caryopsis of sorghum reveal the importance of the chalazal complex in transporting nutrients from maternal sources to the filial diploid embryo and triploid endosperm. The presence of starch, protein, lipid, Ca, K, Mg, and Fe in various tissues at different stages of development can be revealed by a variety of histochemical techniques. Vascular supply ends at the base of the ovary and transport occurs through vascular parenchyma, pigment strand and nucellar projection where symplastic continuity is broken. Nutrients unloaded into an apoplastic placental sac then enter the endosperm and embryo through the aleurone transfer cells. The later possess characteristic wall ingrowth. The single layer of aleurone surrounding the endosperm may also help in transport during later stages of grain-filling. Grain-filling in C4 sorghum is compared with other C4 and C3 grasses showing the variety of strategies evolved to transport nutrients into filial tissues. Standardization of terminologies to describe the tissues of the crease region will help in further research and communication.


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