Molecular docking and pharmacokinetic screening of eucalyptol (1,8 cineole) from eucalyptus essential oil against SARS-CoV-2


  • Arun D. SHARMA Lyallpur Khalsa College Jalandhar, PG Department of Biotechnology (IN)
  • Inderjeet KAUR Lyallpur Khalsa College Jalandhar, PG Department of Biotechnology (IN)



COVID-19; eucalyptus; screening


SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), member of corona virus family, is a positive single stranded RNA virus. Due to lack of drugs it is spreading its tentacles across the world. Being associated with cough, fever, and respiratory distress, this disease caused more than 15% mortality worldwide. Mpro/3CLpro has recently been regarded as a suitable target for drug design due to its vital role in virus replication. The current study focused on the inhibitory activity of eucalyptol (1,8 cineole), an essential oil component from eucalyptus oil, against Mpro/3CLprofrom SARS-CoV-2. Till date there is no work is undertaken on in-silico analysis of this compound against Mpro/3CLproof SARS-CoV-2. Molecular docking studies were conducted by using 1-click dock tool and Patchdock analysis. In-silico absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and toxicity (ADMET) profile were also studied. The calculated parameters such as docking score indicated effective binding of eucalyptol to COVID-19 Mpro protein. Active site prediction revealed the involvement of active site residues in ligand binding. Interactions results indicated that, Mpro/3CLpro/eucalyptol complexes forms hydrophobic interactions. ADMET studies provided guidelines and mechanistic scope for identification of potent anti-COVID 19 drug. Therefore, eucalyptol may represent potential herbal treatment to act as COVID-19 Mpro/3CLproinhibitor, a finding which must be validated in vivo.


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SHARMA, A. D. ., & KAUR, I. . (2020). Molecular docking and pharmacokinetic screening of eucalyptol (1,8 cineole) from eucalyptus essential oil against SARS-CoV-2. Notulae Scientia Biologicae, 12(3), 536–545.



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DOI: 10.15835/nsb12210711