Genus Ophioglossum L., from Western Part of India with Special Reference to Gujarat State

Ronak N. KACHHIYAPATEL, Sachin M. PATIL, Suresh K. PATEL, Kishore S. RAJPUT


The genus Ophioglossum L. is revised for the Gujarat state and there were reported eight species viz. Ophioglossum costatum R. Br., O. gramineum Willd., O. gujaratense SM Patil, RN Kachhiyapatel, R Patel and KS Rajput, O. lusitanicum L., O. reticulatum L., O. parvifolium Grev. & Hook., O. nudicaule L. f. and O. thermale Kom., from different parts of the state. Amongst these, Ophioglossum thermale Kom. and O. lusitanicum L. were collected for the first time from Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary and this result is documented as a new distributional record for Gujarat state.


eusporangiate; Gujarat state; Jambughoda wildlife sanctuary; pteridophytes

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