Phytogeographical Affinities of Tree Species of Similipal Biosphere Reserve, Odisha, India


  • Sudam Charan SAHU North Orissa University, Department of Botany, Baripada 757003 (IN)
  • Manas R. MOHANTA North Orissa University, Department of Botany, Baripada 757003 (IN)
  • Anil K. BISWAL North Orissa University, Department of Botany, Baripada 757003 (IN)



Biogeographical mapping; conservation of species; distribution of trees; ecological implications; Indian subcontinent


The phytogeography of Similipal Biosphere Reserve (SBR), Odisha, India, reveals very interesting information on distribution of tree species.  Phytogeographical affinities of tree species of SBR has been analysed by obtaining the information about the species distribution at local and global scale. A total of 240 tree species were recorded and their phytogeographical affinities were compiled with different countries of the globe. An analysis of the affinities revealed that SBR has strong affinity with Sri-Lanka (46.66%) and Myanmar (45.83%) followed by China, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia and Africa. SBR has also affinity with Himalayan vegetation possessing several trees and orchids find distribution in both the areas. The phytogeographical affinity of SBR supports the migration, establishment and naturalization of flora from/to SBR. This hypothesis needs further study for biogeographical mapping of Indian sub-continent.


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