Improvement of Vase Life and Postharvest Factors of Lilium orientalis ‘Bouquet’ by Silver Nano Particles



Lily is one of the prominent cut flowers on the international markets, so that its longevity is an important post-storage attribute. Blockage of xylem vessels and insufficient water uptake contributes to the short vase life of cut flowers. Bacteria block stem xylem vessels and because of that reduce rates of water supply to flowers. Nano silver has antimicrobial effects at low concentration. Prolongation of vase life cut lilies (L. orientalis ‘Bouquet’) flowers by nano-silver particles was studied. Cut flowers were kept in vase containing 5, 15, 25, 30 ppm of nano-silver solutions and deionized water as control treatment under controlled conditions. During vase period, vase life, vase solution uptake, initial fresh and bacterial numbers were measured. According to the results, all nano-silver treatments extended the longevity of cut flowers compare to control. Among these treatments the concentration of 30 ppm of silver-nano showed the highest vase solution uptake, initial fresh weight and lowest bacteria colony during the first 2 days of vase life. It was concluded that nano silver particles had a high potential for eliminating of bacterial contaminants. These for suggest that application of solutions containing superior advantageous of nano-silver particles is recommended to improve postharvest of L. orientalis ‘Bouquet’.

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